Forms in transition

  I need to make. When I am making, forms are changing and evolving, they are in a transition coming from somewhere, going to be somewhere for a while. There aren’t still moments in form's lives, they are in constant change, just like moving water. The time I am making these new forms, is a particular time, I am part of that material's transformation. When we are looking at these pieces and photographs of them, we see only a momentary state of the constant changing forms and materials. While I am working directly on one piece, falling and 'going away' parts are piling up, making a sudden growth of a new body. It is a similar experience, like watching snowfall building up from the ground to shapes and then watching them transforming away.
  To have the chance to be part of nature's making and shaping is an incredible force and discovery to me. Touching the forms in their transition, from the moment they start to appear until becoming whole, then going to their disappearance, feels being part of Earth's cycles. This fundamental progression of nature's Life, makes the energy grow and flow in me.
  Touching and seeing the growth of a new form, creates a personal, deep connection with that piece, and a closer relationship with nature. At those times, when these new shapes reach their full extent, I bring them to places, to record with photography the birth of a new form. I feel that human-made shapes and humanly piled-up-structures are simply nature-made shapes and nature piled-up-structures, as our ability to create is rooted in nature. The photographs are the quick moments of my finished work, a document of a momentary state of a natural formation. It is always an exam, a wonder, a discovery and surprise, if it survives nature's complex forces, to be able to live through some cycles, or it flows away right after it was in full growth.