2019 Continuous sculptural form explorations, sculpture travels and photography.

2016 - 18 Exterior and interior re-design of a Bauhaus house.

2015 The launch of the new sport brand: Aztek Racquet Sports

2013 Founding a new brand in the paddle tennis sport game.
Designing all products, all graphic, packaging and photography.

May 2 - June 9, 2013  Vessels Gallery, Boston, MA, USA
Seeds from impermanence - Installation - Sculptures, photography. Solo show.

November 16 - December 10, 2011  Bramhall Barn-studio, Concord, MA, USA
Cracked White Installation I - Sculpture, photography. Solo show.

July 13 - October 4, 2011  ISMV, Interiors Studio Martha's Vineyard, Tisbury, MA, USA
Touching Forms in Transition - Installation of sculpture, photography. Solo show.

June 16 - July 8, 2011  Sandbox Gallery, Concord, MA, USA
GINDA - Sculpture installation, photography and more. Solo show.

May - June, 2010 Bow Street Gallery, Boston, MA, USA
A Circle of Sixths - Photography. Group show.

2009 Independent ceramic and design studio, Boxborough, MA, USA

2008 Free-lance designer in product, interior and furniture design, graphic design,
sculpture and photography installation exhibitions.

Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts, Concord, MA, USA
2008 May, independent ceramic sculpture development.

2007 Developed further understanding of digital photography with Canon camera,
Photography at this time became inseparable with my visual thinking and changing inner vision.

De Cordova Sculpture Park and Museum School in Lincoln, MA, USA
2006 May, I started my studies in ceramics with Terry Goss, ceramic artist.

De Cordova Sculpture Park and Museum School in Lincoln, MA, USA
2005 Sept - 2006 April, I studied the basics of stone carving.

2004 Started my exploration of carving stone.
To make sculptures was always my secret wish and passion.

2002 December 24, I added digital photography to my love of traditional film.

Swing Design, Concord, MA, USA
Oct 1999 - Nov 2008, Senior designer,
All houseware product design, graphic and packaging design.

Home studio, Turin, Italy
March 1996 - Oct 1999, Freelance product and graphic designs.
Studio of Architect Jeannot Cerutti, Turin, Italy
May 1995 - March 1996, Interior, furniture and lamp designs.

Giugiaro Design S.p.a. in Torino, Italy
Jan 1995 - March 1995, Visiting scholar and designer of industrial products.
Italy became an Art school to me on it’s own.

Hungarian University of Arts and Application, Master’s Department, Hungary
Sept 1994, I started my Masters degree in product design. A few months later,
I left Hungary with the urge to experience the 'different, challenge myself,
and start my design career in Italy.

Hungarian University of Arts and Application, Budapest, Hungary
June 1994, Master in design education
Major: Teacher of Art and drawing
Thesis: Analyzes of architectural space

Hungarian University of Arts and Application, Budapest, Hungary
June 1993, Bachelor in design
Major: Industrial design
Thesis: Furniture system design

In 1988 I first met my Teacher, Master Csepregi Sándor,
The second influential person, master in my art and creative studies,
who walked me through feelings by practicing, explaining, showing to see the world from land to sky.

In 1988 summer, I bought my second 35mm film camera.
Photography became part of my creative visual language.

Window-dressing and Interior Design High School, Budapest, Hungary
1988-89, I was learning interior-exterior space design and graphic design.

Dési Huber István Center of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary
1985-90, I immersed myself in the classical hand drawing studies of human figure and anatomy.

Madách Imre High School, Budapest, Hungary

Around 1984-85, I received my first 35mm film camera.
I got much interested in the camera and photographing.

Derkovits Gyula Grammar School, Budapest, Hungary
1976-1984, Art Teacher Illés Jánosné my first most influential person in my art and creative studies.

I was born in Budapest, Hungary, 1969 November 26.